Life Events

What should I do when I am preparing for retirement?

Here is what you should do when preparing for retirement:

  • Notify the Fund Office about your retirement at least three months before your intended retirement date. When the Fund Office receives your request, a retirement application and instructions will be mailed or emailed to your home address on file.
  • Apply for a pension benefit by completing and submitting the necessary forms to the Fund Office.
  • Submit proof of age for yourself and your spouse, and proof of marital status (if applicable), when you submit your forms.

The Fund Office will acknowledge receipt of your application and will tell you if additional information is needed.


What happens if I get married after I start receiving my pension benefit?

If you get married after you start receiving your pension benefit, the Plan will only pay a benefit to your spouse if:

  • The payment form you chose at retirement has a guarantee period,
  • You pass away before the guarantee period is over, and,
  • Your spouse is your designated beneficiary.

What happens if I get divorced before or while receiving my pension benefit?

If you get divorced before or while receiving a benefit from the Plan, the benefit to which your former spouse may be entitled depends on applicable law and the court documents/agreements related to your divorce. Be sure to file any court documents or agreements related to pension benefits and your divorce with the Fund office, as soon as possible. If your former spouse is entitled to a portion of your benefit, the benefit you receive will be adjusted accordingly.

Do I have to pay the Fund to provide marriage breakdown calculations if I become divorced or my marriage is annulled?

Yes. The Fund must pay an actuary for marriage breakdown calculations and it would not be equitable for other Plan members to bear the full cost of these calculations. The fees charged to members are set by each province, and are far less than the actual fees incurred by the Fund.