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2016 Annual Report

The Fund’s 2016 Annual Report, which has been mailed to all members, can also be found here on our website. Please read this Report as it contains important financial information and general information about the Fund, including contributions received, benefits paid, and investment and participation information. Be sure to read the important messages from the Fund’s Chair and its Executive Director.

2016 Audit Report

The Fund’s 2016 Audit Report is now available in both English and French on the website under the Resources Tab.



“What Happens If...” Series

We’ve started a What Happens If information series that talks about what happens to your pension in certain life-event situations. The first two in this series – What Happens If I Get Divorced and What Happens If I Leave The Music Business – are posted on the website.

“Things You Need to Know” Series

We’ve also started a Things You Need to Know information series. It talks about important Plan provisions and facts about the Fund. The first one is Things You Need to Know – Vesting. It explains how you vest in your pension benefit and is posted on our website.

If you would like to see other topics addressed in these new series, please let us know by email

Look under the Resources tab for the What Happens If and Things You Need to Know info series. We’ll add new items for each of these series periodically.


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