JUNE 2019


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Check Your Annual Benefit Statement

The 2018 Annual Benefit Statements were mailed out in May of this year. 

Have you reviewed your Statement? Is all the information right? Check to be sure! 

Did you get pension contributions for all the pensionable engagements you worked in 2018? Is your personal information correct (including your home address, marital status, birthdate, spouse/common law partner information, and beneficiary information)?

If you see wrong or missing information on your statement, please contact the Fund office immediately.


Mail: Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada;
200 Yorkland Blvd.; Suite 605, Toronto; Ontario M2J 5C1

Look for the Fund’s 2018 Annual Report coming out in June 2019

In June 2019, the Fund will begin mailing out copies of the 2018 Annual Report. It will also be available on our website. Open it and take a look. It contains an overview of the Plan’s financial status as of December 31, 2018, information about Plan membership, benefits paid, Plan investments, and more!

MPF Canada Fast Facts

Average Annual Pension Contributions Received each year

Over $9 million

Annual Pension Benefits Paid out last year

Over $40 million

(and growing each year)

Members of the Plan

Approximately 14,000

(this includes active members, pensioners and beneficiaries, and inactive vested members.)

Plan assets at December 31, 2018

$787 million

Plan Investment Rate of Return at December 31, 2018

Here’s what your annual benefit statement tells you:

Wages covered, and contributions received from employers for 2018 engagements.

The pension benefit earned in 2018

Employer contributions for years before 2018

Your projected Normal Retirement Date (age 65)

Vesting Date.

Do We Have Your Correct Home Address?

No? Not sure?

You can check online by visiting the member self-service page or by writing to the Fund office: 


Mail: Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada;
200 Yorkland Blvd.; Suite 605, Toronto; Ontario M2J 5C1


Please tell us if your address has changed! That way, we can be sure you get the benefit you earned when retirement time comes!

Do we have your current email address?

If not, or if you’re not sure, please tell us. That way, you’ll get timely information about your Plan. Register your email on the Fund’s website or send us a note: