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There’s Real Value in Our Pension Plan.

Retirement Savings

Studies show that when individuals are left to save and invest on their own, they tend to save less than individuals who participate in a registered pension plan, especially in a Plan such as ours where the contributions are made by the Employers/Engagers.


Risk Pooling

Risk pooling is desirable as it means spreading investment risk over a large group of individuals, such as the MPF Canada members. The Plan hires professional investment managers who invest in a diversified group of investments. This lowers the risk of investment loss.


Economies of scale

Economies of scale means that something done in a larger way can be less costly than the same thing done in a smaller way. For the Plan, this means realizing significant cost savings for members through lower investment management expenses and fees on a per-member basis.


Professional oversight

The operations of our Plan are guided by professional advisors. These include impartial investment consultants, who are not affiliated with any investment fund or company, and act only in the interest of our members; actuaries, who help ensure that our Plan is properly funded; and lawyers, who help ensure that our Plan meet all regulatory and legal requirements. Our Board of Trustees selects and oversees our professional advisors. The guidance our Plan receives is typically only available to individuals at significant cost.