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When You Can—and Can’t—Change Your Beneficiary

You always want to be in control of who gets a benefit from our Plan after you’re gone. That’s why naming a beneficiary is so important to do. (A reminder: Your beneficiary is the person, people, or institution that gets a benefit from our Plan when you die.)

You can change your beneficiary, but only in certain situations. Here’s when you can (and can’t):

If You’re Not Yet Receiving a Pension Benefit, You…

Can name or change your beneficiary any time

Can name or change your beneficiary any time if your legal spouse/common-law partner signs a pre-retirement death benefit

If You’re Applying for Your Pension Benefit, You…

Can name or change your beneficiary

Can name or change your beneficiary if your legal spouse/common-law partner signs a joint and survivor waiver

If You’re Receiving Your Pension Benefit, You…

Can change your beneficiary any time if guaranteed payments from your pension remain to be paid

CANNOT change your beneficiary unless you’ve chosen the Joint & Survivor 66-2/3 10-year option and your spouse dies within the guaranteed payment period

Important: The person who is your spouse/common law partner when your pension payments start will get a survivor benefit automatically unless you and he/she waive that right. You must submit a signed Waiver before payments start. If you remarry after you start receiving payments, you can’t name your new spouse/common-law partner as your beneficiary unless you are receiving a non-joint and survivor pension and there are guaranteed payments remaining.

To name or change your beneficiary, complete a Change of Beneficiary Form, available on our website:

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Josephine Hitimana
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Paul Versteeg-Lytwyn
Office Manager
Ext. 27
Lisa DeWitt
Contract Processing
Ext. 28
Nadia Chamale
Contract Processing
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Sandra Nadeau
Pension Department/Bilingual
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Due to COVID-19, market conditions have been volatile. The Trustees of MPF Canada, along with their professional advisors, continue to monitor the situation closely.  We wish to assure you that pension plans are long-term investors and the Trustees of the MPF Canada are taking a long-term view. The Trustees remain committed to the members of this Fund.

The Fund office staff have been working hard to serve our members during this time.

Please note we have reduced the office hours. New Hours: Monday to Thursday 10AM to 2PM.

Dear MPF Canada: What should I do if contributions are missing in my account?

A: If you’re missing contributions in your account, call the Fund office data department first! The data department will let you know if the Fund office received an engagement contract, if the contract has been processed, or if any errors were made (for example, the contract shows the wrong social insurance number/AFM ID number). 

If the Fund office didn’t receive the contribution, you must contact your Local to ensure the engagement contract was filed.

Ms. Dale McDonald Retires After a Long Career at the Fund

Ms. Dale McDonald retired from the Fund office on February 29, 2020. Dale was with the Fund for more than 36 years! She began her career in the data processing department before joining the pension group. She’s successfully helped many members with their pension applications and questions over the years. Dale also worked at the Toronto Musicians’ Association for almost 10 years before she came to the Fund.

We are sorry to see Dale go but we wish her many happy and healthy years in retirement!

Sandra Nadeau has been training under Dale’s guidance and has assumed Dale’s role in the Fund office. Sandra speaks English and French and we’re glad to have her on board!

We are also pleased to note that Paul Versteeg-Lytwyn has taken on the role of Office Manager.


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