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Trustees Amend the Plan to Help Musicians


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought live, in-person music to a near stand-still. That has made it more difficult for potential Plan Members to actually become Plan Members.


There are several ways to become a Member:

Individuals become members of the Plan on the first day of the year following the year in which he/she has accumulated:

700 hours of employment with a participating employer


have covered earnings equal to or greater than 35% of the years maximum pensionable earnings.

However, most participants become Plan Members if they have 24 months of vesting service without incurring a six-month break without any contributions.


Recognizing this difficult situation that potential Plan members may be in, the Trustees have approved a Plan amendment to help. The amendment allows the Plan to ignore any gaps in service with no contributions between April 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020 when determining membership criteria.

This Amendment will help those who may have been close to attaining membership at the time the pandemic commenced and due to the cessation of most live music would have incurred a six-month break in contributions.


The Markets Have Been Moving Toward Recovery and the Fund is Doing Well

The Fund had a year of good investment returns in 2019. That provided the Fund with a solid financial foundation for 2020. Although the Fund’s rate of return for March of this year was negative (-4.6%) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and market volatility, all monthly rates of return since have been positive bringing the Fund’s investment performance back into healthier territory.

The Trustees will continue to monitor the financial markets and the Fund’s investments. The Fund’s investment counsel will also continue to review the Fund’s assets to ensure that the Fund has the best mix for investment success for 2020 and beyond.

Don’t Be Confused

You can view the contributions made to the Plan on your behalf by visiting your MPF Canada online account . Click on the contributions tab to view contributions made on your behalf. But, don’t be alarmed or confused if the status of a contribution indicates it’s “unpaid.” This doesn’t mean that the contribution wasn’t received by the Fund Office or wasn’t paid by your employer. It means that a benefit has not yet been paid out on that contribution.

However, if you think you’re missing contributions to your account, please contact Lisa DeWitt of the data department at Lisa will be more than happy to investigate.


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