MARCH 2022


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Important Change on Contribution Eligibility

The Income Tax Act was recently amended which will impact the eligibility of some contributions to the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada. (MPF Canada). MPF Canada will no longer be able to accept contributions for Pensioners/Members after the year in which they turn Age 71 for Collective Agreements negotiated after 2021 or for miscellaneous engagements taking place after December 31, 2021.

The Income Tax Act does not allow an individual to accrue further benefits under a registered pension plan after the end of the year in which they turn age 71. Previously, MPF Canada was permitted to keep these contributions and they went to the benefit of the general fund and all Members. Going forward, MPF Canada must return or refund any “ineligible contributions” received for Members after the year in which they turn 71.

What this means for you

This change only affects you after the year you turn 71 and if you are currently or are planning on working under pensionable engagements.

Currently, all pension contributions are treated as employer contributions. Under the new rules, MPF Canada must return any ineligible contributions to your employer unless negotiated otherwise in your collective bargaining agreement. MPF Canada has communicated this change to the CFM and its Locals and to keep this change in mind during negotiations.

What you can do

If you are aware that a member on an engagement is over age 71, we would ask that you advise your employer not to remit pension for that person to the Fund office. Please indicate on the contract/spreadsheet that the reason for no pension remittance is due to age or ineligibility of contributions.

If you or your employer are unaware of a Member’s age or accidentally remit a pension contribution that is ineligible, the Fund office will process the contribution as it regularly does; however, we will do an annual data extract and return/refund those contributions indicated as ineligible.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Fund office should you have any questions.


A good year for the MPF Canada Investments

The MPF’s investments did well in 2021. Preliminary results indicate that the Fund’s annual rate of return was 11%, and the total value of the Fund’s investments as of December 31, 2021, was $966 million.

Keep an Eye Out for Your Annual Statement

Your 2021 Annual Benefit Statements will be mailed out in May. Please review your statement to be sure all your personal information is correct and that you received all your pension contributions for 2021. If you think you’re missing contributions or if something is incorrect on the statement, please contact Lisa DeWitt at the Fund Office at


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