JULY 2022


In Concert provides pension plan updates and explains how your pension plan works.



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Updates on Your Contributions and Pension in Real Time

The MPF Canada member self-serve portal is your one-stop shop for details about your account with Pension Fund. You can access the online self-serve portal anytime and anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Here’s what you can do with the portal:

View Documents, including your annual benefit statements and other communications from the Fund office.

Check contributions made on your behalf – please note that if the contribution appears in your online account, the Fund office has received it. If the status of a contribution is listed as ”unpaid” that just means that a benefit has not yet been paid out on that contribution.

Estimate the amount of your pension benefit under a variety of circumstances, such as the age you plan to retire and the amount of contributions you expect to be made on your behalf in the future.

Pension Application – you can generate a pension application to be mailed or emailed to the Fund office.

View your monthly pension payment if you’re retired and receiving a monthly benefit.

Update your personal details, like your name, birth date, email, and address.

Beneficiary List – view your beneficiary and their information or request a beneficiary change.


Fund Fast Facts

Annual Pension Benefits Paid in 2021
Over $47 million

Plan Members at December 31, 2021
Approximately 16,000

Plan Assets at December 31, 2021
$992 million

Plan Investment Rate of Return at December 31, 2021

Total 2021 Employer Contributions to the Fund
Approximately $7.3 million

Have Your Reviewed Your Annual Benefit Statement?

The 2021 Annual Benefit Statements were mailed out in May. Please check your statement to be sure all of your personal information is correct and you received all of your pension contributions for 2021. If you think you’re missing contributions or if something is incorrect on the statement, please contact Lisa DeWitt at the Fund Office at

Self-service Portal Website

Need help? Call the Fund Office at 888-462-6666 or


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