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Looking For Missing Members

The Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada endeavours to keep all our member records accurate and up-to-date but unfortunately, there are still many member records for which we have no current contact information (address, email address, and phone number).

This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Members move and forget to advise the Fund office of their new address
  • Members are no longer active in the music industry (vested inactives) and they do not realize that they may be eligible for a pension benefit
  • Contracts are typically filed by the Leaders and do not always contain all of the musicians’ addresses, emails, and phone numbers
  • Pension contributions are paid by the employers and some musicians may not realize that a pension contribution has been made on their behalf

Members may be eligible for a pension benefit but we cannot pay that benefit if we cannot locate them.

What MPF Canada does to Locate Missing Members

MPF Canada proactively tries to locate Members for whom we do not have current contact information.

Some of the things the Fund does to locate missing members are as follows:

  • Search the American Federation of Musicians/Canadian Federation of Musicians membership roster database
  • Contact the CFM Locals to request help with contact information for their current or prior members
  • Search online phone and address directories
  • Search Social Media outlets
  • Contact last known employer
  • Search online obituaries
  • Request government assistance when possible

What You Can Do to Help

  • Every time you move or change your email address or phone number please remember to notify the Fund office
  • If you are in touch with other musicians, encourage them to get in touch with the Fund office to see if they have a record on file with us and if their contact information is up-to-date
  • Be aware that updating your information with the Canadian Federation of Musicians or with your Local does not automatically update it with the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada
  • Check in with us regularly! Visit the Fund’s website, use the Member Self-Serve portal, email us


A beneficiary is the person who receives your pension benefit after your death.

Check to make sure that MPF Canada has a record of your beneficiary on file with the correct contact information.

For more information on beneficiaries, please click on the link below.


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