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Happy Holidays to You, and
Happy Anniversary to the Fund!

The Trustees and staff of the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

This year, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our Fund! The Fund has come a long way since its inception in 1962. It originated as a pension plan for members working under the Phonograph Labour Agreement. In 1963 and 1964, the Fund added the Toronto and Montreal symphonies and the CBC as contributing employers.

On our 10th anniversary in 1972, the Fund had a total of 18 pensioners. Now, the MPF of Canada serves over 3,900 pensioners receiving over $4 million in total benefits every month! The Fund has grown immensely over the years, and the Trustees and Staff alike are very proud to do our parts in helping to ensure a financially secure retirement for our members. It is a responsibility that everyone at MPF Canada takes very seriously.

As you know, the global financial system has been extremely volatile this year. Nonetheless, our Fund is taking every appropriate measure available in order to weather these financial storms. The Trustees pay close attention to the Fund’s investments and obligations with a specific focus on the long-term health of the Plan. The Fund’s sustainability is a top priority for the Trustees and the Fund Office, as well as our industry leading professional advisors. We will continue to combine our efforts in order to provide the expertise necessary to help members save for their retirements for decades to come.

Meet Your Trustees

The Fund could not function without our dedicated Board Members. They truly care about ensuring that the Fund is in a well-funded and sustainable position in order to help current and future generations of Musicians save for their retirements.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Trustees, who selflessly give up their time without any compensation, in order to help steer the MPF of Canada into the future.

Ellen M. Versteeg-Lytwyn (Chair)

Ms. Versteeg-Lytwyn retired as Executive Director of the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada in December 2018 after 46 years in that role. She worked with and mentored many Fund staff members, including the Fund’s current Executive Director, Jill Giustino. Under Ms. Versteeg-Lytwyn’s leadership, the Fund grew from $3 million in assets to $930 million today. She has been a Trustee and Board Chair since 2019.

E. Eddy Bayens (Vice-Chair)

While Mr. Bayens has retired from an illustrious career as a musician in Europe and North America, he remains very involved in the Canadian music industry. He served on the Board of the CCA, the National Youth Orchestra, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Conference of Musicians, and was president of the Cultural Human Resources Council. Mr. Bayens is currently the president of the Edmonton Musicians’ Association. He has been a Trustee for 19 years.

David Jandrisch

Mr. Jandrisch began his career as a professional musician at age 17. In 1972, Mr. Jandrisch was elected president of Local 190, a position he held for 26 years. He continued his career as a full-time musician, performing over 3,000 TV and radio shows as an instrumentalist, including 25 years as Music Director for CBC’s Sesame Street and six years of Fred Penner’s Place. This is his 17th year as a Trustee.

Bernard LeBlanc

Mr. LeBlanc’s musical background is in classical performance of the double bass. He performs regularly in several symphonic orchestras in Quebec. As an active performer of jazz and popular music, he has appeared in film, television, and theatre music recordings and has accompanied internationally renowned artists, including Sting and Elvis Costello. In 2015, Mr. LeBlanc was appointed the Director of Symphonic Services at the Canadian Federation of Musicians. He brings expertise to the Fund with certificates from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. Mr. LeBlanc has served on the board for 8 years.

We would also like to take this opportunity to celebrate and thank the Chair of our Board of Trustees, Ellen Versteeg-Lytwyn. Ellen has been a stalwart of the Fund for 50 years! Through her excellent stewardship, she has been instrumental in maintaining the health of the Fund since it moved to Canada in 1972. Please join us in congratulating her for her service to Canadian musicians!

Meet Your Trustees (continued)

Harold Redekopp

Starting as a music producer with CBC Radio in Winnipeg, Mr. Redekopp went on to become the Executive Vice President of CBC English Television. Following his retirement from CBC, Mr. Redekopp was retained by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas to develop a strategic direction and business plan. More recently, he served as president of the Kingston Symphony. Mr. Redekopp has been a Trustee for 11 years.

William Stafford

Mr. Stafford spent over 40 years in the investment management industry. Most recently, he was Director of Investments for the Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. Bill is currently a member of the Investment Advisory Committee of the Canadian Cancer Society and served for many years as a board member and treasurer of the Art Gallery of Burlington Foundation. This is Mr. Stafford’s second year on the board.

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