MARCH 2023


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Our Thanks to Retiring Trustee David Jandrisch

Long-time trustee David Jandrisch has retired from the Board of Trustees, leaving in December 2022 after two terms.

David initially joined the Board in 1997 and served for six years. He was appointed a second time in 2012. As a strong advocate for trustee education, David participated in many programs and conferences over the years. His intelligence, insight, and even-handedness, combined with his deep knowledge of business and the music industry, have been invaluable contributions throughout his 16-year tenure on the Board.

David began his career as a professional musician at age 15 and has since performed as an instrumentalist on more than 3,000 radio and television shows. He is currently the chair emeritus of the Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC). Previously, he served as president of the Canadian Conference of Locals and was president of the Winnipeg Musicians’ Association for 26 years after serving previously as secretary-treasurer of that Local. In 1997, he was elected Vice-President from Canada of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM).

We thank David for his many positive contributions to the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada and for his dedication to our members.

Watch your mailbox!

Annual statements will arrive in May. Please contact the Fund Office if you don’t receive one.

A Good Foundation for the Future

If you have been watching the market for a clue as to how your pension is performing, take heart in this: Although financial markets have been volatile, and have generally performed poorly in 2022, early indications suggest that, while returns have been rather flat, our Fund has outperformed its benchmarks, as well as many of our peer funds. Pension Plan liabilities have benefited from the rising interest rate environment.

The MPF Canada Trustees have worked diligently to invest in a diverse portfolio of assets. That diversification kept us ahead of the curve in 2022. While we need to continue to tread carefully, we’re optimistic about the Fund’s status in 2022 compared to our benchmarks and our peers. Leveraging our contributions into investments that perform ahead of the market gives us a positive feeling about where the Fund is heading for the long-term.

Here’s some more good news: As you know, the Fund receives employer contributions when you work on CFM contracts. When live music was shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, so were contributions. We’re happy to report that, in 2022, contributions increased from the prior year. Over the last two years, contributions have steadily climbed closer and closer to pre-pandemic levels.


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